Immigration rules

  • You will be given an Immigration stamp when you enter Thailand, it allows you to stay for 90 days at first.
  • Student needs to extend a stay permit at immigration every 60 - 90 days. (Depend on the program)
  • Student have to notify your address when you stay in Thailand longer than 90 days at the immigration office (Chaengwattnana Road.).

Period of Thai program

  • Beginner program  (6 months)
  • Intermediate program (5 months)
  • Advanced program (6 months)

Total is almost 17+ months.

Q & A 

When should I start to send the required document for apply a non immigrant ED visa ?

  • You should plan and send all required documents to the school at least 6 weeks before arrival to Thailand. 



Where can I apply a student visa (Non immigrant ED visa)?

  • A non immigrant ED visa (Education visa) must be obtained at Thai embassy or Thai consular outside Thailand.


  • The best countries to apply an ED visa are Vientiane in Laos and Penang in Malaysia. 
    It takes 2 working days only. Most nationalities can apply ED visa in these countries

For Thai embassy in Vientiane, Laos

  • The applicant must be make an online appointment before submitting your visa application. 
    Book your appointment at

For Thai consulate in Penang, Malaysia

  • You have to prepare the additional document. 
    1. Bank Statement (at least 60,000 Baht.)

    2. Rental agreement 

Some nationalities like Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Sri Lanka, Middle Eastern and African
will need to apply from their home country.



What should I do if I am in Bangkok?

  • You can visit the school for sending the required document and wait the document for 2-3 weeks.



Terms & Conditions:

1. Fees are non-refundable and are not transferable to other term, other student and other package.

2. The student will study Thai language according to the school curriculum which be approved by the Ministry of Education and school.

3. If the student does not want to study, the school cannot support student to get an ED visa.

4. All fees are not refundable except the Ministry of Education deny giving an approval letter.