When you enter Thailand with a non immigrant ED visa

  • Present your ED visa sticker to the immigration-officer.
  • You will be given an Immigration stamp; it allows you to stay for 90 days.


After entering Thailand with ED visa (Non-immigrant “ED”)

  • Present your passport and departure card (TM 6) to the school within 1 week. 
    Note: If not, we will unable to get a letter for extension visa from MOE. 


  • Previous visa
    If you ever had “ED visa” or “Working visa”, you must cancel it (Cancellation stamp must be showed in passport).  
    If not, immigration-officer cannot extend your visa.


  • TM 30  is a compulsory of House-owner duty. 
    House-owner must notify the Immigration when foreigner stays in their house/apartment.  After they notified TM30, they will get a receipt.  You should request a copy of receipt.  If House-owner did not notify TM30, it might be affected on Visa extension, 90 day notification and Re-entry permit.


  • Your address and telephone number   
    We have to put your address and tel.no. in the Immigration forms. If you change it, please inform us.


  • Open bank-account
    If you want to open Bank-account, it should be in the first 2 month of your staying.
    Please inform us, we will prepare a document for you.